Dr. Schiff's The Thin Connection

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Martin Schiff, M.D. has treated thousands of overweight patients since 1951 with the reputation of having one of the most successful records for permanent weight control. Eventually he realized the importance of cerebral programming and conditioning and its influence upon one’s physical state. This clear-cut understanding is the result of in-depth experience, careful consideration and accurate direction while practicing the art and science of medicine. Contributing to his knowledge and philosophy about mental weight (The Fat Between the Ears) is the use and application of physiology, body chemistry and dynamics, philosophy, psychology, health, nutrition, logical thinking and common sense.

Dr. Schiff expressly explains in The Thin Connection his conclusions about the weighty, close connection between the The Inner Being and The Outer Physical Self. He comprehends how untoward inner relationships and disadvantageous mental connections lead to negative thinking habits and fattening eating habits…thus producing an overweight or obese condition. This insight and realization led him to the conclusion that one must decrease or eliminate both the mental and the physical weight in order to modify and change fattening Mental Conditions and Situations.

Improving inner behavioral patterns and developing mentally accurate thoughts serves to advance and upgrade your states of mind while creating an uplifting, self-empowered and slenderizing lifestyle. Succinctly, one must discard the mental weight in order to effectively melt away extra, unwanted pounds. The scale will move when you learn to move mentally. Understand, enlighten, upgrade and empower yourself!
Change Your Thinking…Change Yourself…Change Your Weight!

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